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For the 5 to 7 year old; an introduction to ballet and barre work along with simple combinations and dances with some fun mime and dramatics. Intermediate Ballet and barre work geared to develop technique, strength, balance, co­ordination and control. Center floorwork as well as dances will be taught.

Ballet & More

Introduction to dance, a combination class which offers the student simple ballet steps, pre-jazz steps, pre-tap steps, pre school movement, singing, mime, dramatics and lots of fun. This class helps to develop co-ordination, creativity, and basic motor and listening skills.

Jazz and Jazz/Hip Hop

Our 5 to 7 year old classes provide an introduction to jazz dance and hip hop with simple warm up exercises, floor work and dances all to popular music. Current hip hop steps straight from New York City and Hollywood. A FUN class! Classes for 8 to adult - Jazz dance comes from a variety of techniques expanding the range of movement and development for the dancer. Hip Hop comes from current steps popular on TV, New York and Hollywood. These classes feature exciting movements and steps to current popular music.

Commercial Jazz - Fuse many styles of dance together while building on jazz technique. Commercial jazz integrates easily with theatre, television, film and video.

Hip Hop

Our hip hop classes blend street dance styles primarily performed to hip hop music. Be a part of hip hop culture exploring a wide range of styles including breaking, locking and popping.


Lyrical blends technique from jazz and ballet class. Students use dance movements to express emotions, often dancing to convey the lyrics of the music.


Modern dance focuses on the dancers interpretation of the music by using their whole body. Whereas Ballet dancers use structured technique and smooth movements, modern dancers concentrate on contractions and release and often use their body weight to enhance movements.  

Mommy/ Daddy & Me

Mommy and Me! or Daddy and Me! A fun class geared for 1.5 to 4 year olds and their Mom’s or Dad’s. For those children not quite ready to leave the nest this pre-school movement class will help develop co-ordination, creativity and basic motor and listening skills. Three nine week sessions are offered through the regular dance season, register for one, two or all three. 

Song and Dance

Combine your love of dance with singing! Students will put together movement and dance while practicing and developing their vocal skills.


Basic tap steps learned to a variety of music geared to develop a sense of rhythm and physical co-ordination. Combinations and dances will be taught. Younger classes will include some fun mime and dramatics.

Dancers Studio Midland

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