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Images Dance Company Registration 2023/2024 Season

To confirm your spot in the 2023/2024 Images Dance Company, please submit the form below.

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Sign Up Today for Team App

We use Team App to keep families and dancers up to date about rehearsal schedules, events, parent committee information, competitions and more. If you have not signed up, download the app (free for both apple and android) and sign up. Once signed up, search for Images Dance Company and request access.  

Solo, Duet and Trio Request

All requests must be submitted by June 1st, 2023, choreography will occur during the summer.

Please submit the form below if you are interested in doing a solo, duet and/or trio. There is no limit to the number of solos, duets and trios you can request. If you are interested in doing more than one, please submit the form for each request. Below the form you can read the solo, duet and trio policy below.

Dancer's Name*


Style of Dance (for example, tap)*

Other Dancers (if duet or trio)


Images Dance Company dancers who are looking for an additional challenge above and beyond the regular company dance program can submit a request for a solo, duet and/or trio. Selected dancers will get the opportunity to work one on one or in a duet or trio with a teacher through the choreography and practice process, enhancing their dance and performance skills. Please note the following guidelines:

  • Dancers wishing to perform a solo, duet or trio, must register and attend a dance class for the full season. Failure to do so will result in being removed from competition.

  • Teachers and director will choose music and which dances/students they will choreograph for and work with. Students will be giving three or four song choices that the student may choose from. In order for the teacher to give you the best dance possible, they must have a connection with the song.

  • If the dancer has a song that they would like to submit, please do so when form is submitted. The choreographer will have the final say if they would like to use it as one of their song choices.

  • Due to the high interest in solo, duets and trio’s all dancers interested must submit the request form below by June 1st, 2023, to guarantee a spot.

  • Dancers will be selected by the teachers and director, based on the availability of teachers, studio time and dance technique

  • Dancers will be notified, by the Dancers’ Studio staff team, by June 8th, 2023

  • All choreography will be taught during the summer at a time arranged by their teacher and when studio is available. You will be given a video of your choreography at the end of the summer to practice during the dance season.  Note - due to COVID, rehearsals will take place on the weekends throughout the fall.

  • Rehearsal time during the dance year will be once per month

  • Anyone who misses solo, duet or trio rehearsal, without notifying the teacher or changing times with another dancer, will be charged $30.00

  • Costumes will be decided by the choreographer and will be an additional cost

  • ONLY GRADUATING STUDENTS will have the opportunity to perform one solo at the yearend recital. Depending on amount of dances, you may only get to perform at ONE performance.

  • No other dancers will perform solos, duets or trios in the yearend recital. This is for competition only


Solos, Duets and Trios $350.00*/dance plus HST

Deduct $25.00 for the 2nd dance and any additional dances

*Fees do not include competition or costume Fees

Dancers Studio Midland

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