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Summer Tap 2023

Introducing a comprehensive Summer Tap program for all levels at the Dancers Studio!  We welcome all tap dancers to participate and look forward to sharing our love of tap with you!

Tuesdays, July 4th to August 22nd, 2023

Tuition - $150.00 + HST

Each class will include the five fundamentals of tap;

  • Technique

  • Music Theory

  • Improvisation

  • History

  • Practical Application

Level 1 - Minimum Age 5

Perfect for dancers new to tap dance and dancers who have had a year or two of tap dance instruction.  Dancers will build a strong technical knowledge and strive to have clarity in their technique and a connection to the music.

Level 2 

Dancers are incredibly comfortable with basic technique and are building on combination steps.  Repitition is needed to become comfortable with more complex combination and phrasing.

Level 3

You have strong feet, clean and crisp technique and you are comfortable with longer phrases.  You pick up and retain technique exercises and choreography quickly and are comfortable working with more intricate musical concepts like groove and syncopation.

For adults, we will offer a Level 1/2 class and welcome adults at a Level 3 level to join the all ages class. 

If you need assistance in placing your dancer, please email

Dancers Studio Midland

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