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Introducing the Untapped Movement!

Over the past few weeks Jordyn has been in contact with a company called "untapped" who have chosen our studio as one of 30 in North America to participate in a documentary about dance. They will highlight all aspects of studios, dancers, teachers, choreographers and why dance is such an important emotional and physical outlet. This is a great opportunity for our studio as well as for each of you as dancers, we hope that you all choose to participate!

On Thursday, September 29th, a filming crew will be coming to our studio with cameras, microphones, lighting, everything you would have at an actual movie set! We will be preparing a short 1 minute dance to a piece of music they have provided and they will be interviewing dancers on why you love to dance, how it helps you overcome struggles and how your "dance family" supports you. After filming at all 30 studios they will be editing everything together to make one big documentary that we will be featured in. This documentary will be played at selected movie theatres around the country, airing simultaneously as a way to bring dancers together. Along with being in the actual film, your name will also appear in the credits and our studio will be given an edited video of all our interviews and our full dance which we will provide to all participants.

In order to participate, each student must pay a registration fee of $50 which MUST be received by myself, Fiona, or my mom BEFORE the filming takes place.

If you are interested in participating in this amazing opportunity, please confirm by Sunday August 14th. For all of those who register, your participation fee is due by Thursday, September 1st and only paid students will be allowed to participate.

Please note, anyone who is interested and has signed up with us will be expected to pay the fee even if you change your mind or are unable to come to the filming, as we will be covering the payment until we receive everyone's fees.

Please click on the link below to get a better look at the organization. This is a short video from Matthew, one of the co-founders, explaining a little more about the "untapped movement". 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Jordyn or Fiona.

Hope you all can be a part of this! Happy dancing!

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